Methods on How to Assess the Success of a Leader

Development and human resource empowerment are the two challenges of today’s leadership. There are some methods on how to assess the success of a leader

  • You can predict a leader’s intelligence by looking at the people around him. This is not a matter of IQ, but he believes that a growing successful leader will improve personally and organizationally by exercising his/her influence towards more people and develop more variety of his team. (Niccolo Machievelli)

A good leader will avoid these seven deadly sins:

  1. Trying best to be popular, rather than to be respected
  2. Ignoring internal advice and assistance of team
  3. Developing personal characteristics by stressing rule and regulations, not competence
  4. Avoiding criticism even if it is constructive
  5. Applying top down management style
  6. Treating each personnel equally
  7. Controlling information as to his people’s interest.
  • A good leader will employ the best staff. The ‘eagles’ do not flock together. He has to find them one by one. He cannot make a strong team with weak personnel.

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