Vision  – Communication – Persistence – Empowerment & Organization Ability Creative leaders make positive assumptions about human nature They accept that individuals feel a commitment to a decision in proportion to the extent they feel have participated in making it They believe in and use the power of self-fulfilling prophecy They highly value individuality The […]

Some leaders are not effective Why employees do not want to listen to them? To be effective leaders, we should have Personal Leadership Qualities Leaders must themselves exhibit the work habits, attitudes and priorities they expect of their subordinates if their leadership is to be the most effective Exhibiting confidence in an increasingly uncertain situation

Development and human resource empowerment are the two challenges of today’s leadership. There are some methods on how to assess the success of a leader You can predict a leader’s intelligence by looking at the people around him. This is not a matter of IQ, but he believes that a growing successful leader will improve

Being a leader who develops other leaders demands focus and attitude which are totally different from those who develop followers. Check the differences in the following characteristics.  Leaders who develops followers Ask the attention Focus on other weaknesses’ Develop 20% out of those in the lowest level Give equal treatment for the sake of ‘fairness’

Our potential for success in achieving the program objectives depends on the effective working of our team. Since the team is often made up of the group of people, there is a high probability that they have not worked together before. This put an additional burden on you initially to start the process of team

Leadership develops every day, not in one day. When a genuine leader talks, everybody will listen. The potency of a leader depends on the people around. If you want to be a leader, do not ever lose the momentum. If you want to grow, lead the followers  – if you want to multiply, lead the

Many people have misconceptions about leadership. If someone holds an impressive academic degree or position in management, they assume one has the leadership. To a certain degree, it might be true. But in reality, an academic degree is nothing to compare with leadership quality. A real leadership cannot be awarded, given, or assigned. Leadership comes

Leaders maintain respectWhen you think of leaders, they are the ones people respect. Leaders work effectively with peopleThey understand and live by the facts that excellence happens through effective people, not through things. Leaders are responsive to the needs and desires of othersThey understand the individual needs and desires and create a conducive working environment

The most important variable in leadership :  INTEGRITY.If I have the integrity,  what I say is similar to what I am doing.I am what I am,  no matter where I am who accompanies me.  Unfortunately,  integrative seems to be disappearing in modern  practice. Personal integrity is degrading if someone is pursuing personal interests and making

Believe it or not that the most effective people in managerial work are those who tend to bend the stereotype of managerial behavior? Many brilliant, experienced, industrious some are really promising persons have been trying to do what they think the best, in fact few of them have the quality of leadership that we need

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