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The First Five Public Relations Challenges

In this digital era where competition is in our eyes for say, either product or service for a company, or leadership, influence or trust for government offices, non profit organizations, reputation for a charitable organization

Checklist for Leader – Motivator

Do you agree that each subordinate has his/her own target and continuous responsibility to come to the agreeable standard of achievement? Do you know the contribution of each member of your team and encourage the

International Communication through Email

Communication through email has been a global business practice since the 1990s. If you communicate through email, there will be no longer international phone bills, there will be no charge for express courier services, no

Public Relations

EGA briefings #1 – Change Triggers

There are conditions and situations under which change is most likely: these should be considered triggers that acts as early warnings and can alert a company to the need of heightening its analytic and planning

Public Relations di Era 5.0

1. Era 5.0 menurut Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA Yang saya pahami, era 5.0 merupakan era transformasi digital – merubah berbagai kebiasaan dan cara hidup. Digital diaplikasikan secara nyata dan berpusat pada kehidupan manusia untuk

Kode Etik Profesi PR

1. Seberapa besar urgensi PR memiliki kode etik profesi? Sangat urgent, jika PR mau mendapat pengakuan publik atau lebih tepatnya legalitas terhadap profesi ini. Kode Etik adalah atribut utama dari satu profesi yang mengikat prilaku

Featured Workshop

09aug(aug 9)09:0010(aug 10)16:30Positioning Communication as a Strategic Business PartnerExecutive Program09:00 – 16:30 (10) Ciputra World 2, Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 11

Useful Tips

You can reach the top … Can’t you?

If we do more than we are paid, finally we will be paid more than we do How far your achievement in your life does not depend on what happens to you, but on what you did happen to you

Finding Your Personal Qualities

These words represent personality traits people in the business world find positive and attractive. Review this list and select the words that seem to describe you. A – able, accurate, adept, aggressive, analytical, articulate, attractiveB – bilingual, bright, brilliantC –

Key Characteristics

There is a wide agreement that organizational culture refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes an organization from the other organizations. On a closer analysis, this is a set of characteristics  that the organization values.

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Customer Relationship Marketing

The formal study of marketing has focused on an evolving range of marketing sectors over the past few decades. In 1950’s, marketing interest was merely focused on consumer goods. In 1960’s, increased attention started toward

The Trend Towards Marketing PR

A challenge to brand loyaltyIn a new paradigm, there are nothing more myths such as ‘brand loyalty’ customers. Since people care more for quality of product and efficiency of spending, marketing communication should be more


EGA briefings #1 – Management

Those who care will gain the respect People do not pay attention on what you know, unless they know how you care For others. Communicate your care to others, then you can ask them to

Those who care will gain the respect

People do not pay attention   on what You know, unless they know how You careFor others. Communication your care to others, then you can ask them to do something for you. People give response

The Anatomy of Healthy Company

According to the survey of 500 Fortune companies in 2002, one of the problems facing CEOs is the increasing threat from the stakeholders. Robert H. Rosen, a clinical psychologist stated that companies are now struggling

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Entrepreneur are risk takers. They have a strong desire to be their own boss rather than work for someone else. These hard-working individuals first make a business plan and then form an organization to achieve

In Search of Entrepreneurial Traits

Do you want to start your own business? There are many success stories about this, yet one this is certain that success does not seek out the entrepreneur. One common misperception is that most successful

#16 Nation Branding: Quo Vadis Indonesia?

Lihat rekaman dan diskusi Nation Branding is the strategic imperative for sustainable market competitiveness.   Nation branding is crucial in order to attract investment, boost exports, attract tourists and talented workforce   Nation branding stands between public diplomacy and economic benefits.   Menurut Simon Anholt dengan hexagon teorinya – ada 6 variable yang

Human Resource

The Power of Collaborative Leadership

It is unavoidable for leaders these days to rely more on the intelligence of their team members to cope with an increasingly complex and ever-changing business environment. Collaboration is no longer consider as a philosophy

Lifetime employment has (Continued from last edition )

25. Admit Your Mistakes and Limits26. Take Calculated Risks27. Incorporate Other Aspects of Attitude28. Give the Caller Your Undivided Attention29. Be Consistent and Sincere When Answering the Phone30. Identify Yourself and Your Purpose Up Front

Lifetime employment has ended

You might be struggling with office politics or a difficult boss, facing ethical dilemmas, wondering how to get a promotion, or deciding if you should change your career field, the tips are suitable for you.


Five traits of Leader

Vision  – Communication – Persistence – Empowerment & Organization Ability Creative leaders make positive assumptions about human nature They accept that individuals feel a commitment to a decision in proportion to the extent they feel

Leadership Development

Some leaders are not effective Why employees do not want to listen to them? To be effective leaders, we should have Personal Leadership Qualities Leaders must themselves exhibit the work habits, attitudes and priorities they

Methods on How to Assess the Success of a Leader

Development and human resource empowerment are the two challenges of today’s leadership. There are some methods on how to assess the success of a leader You can predict a leader’s intelligence by looking at the

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