Finding Your Personal Qualities

These words represent personality traits people in the business world find positive and attractive. Review this list and select the words that seem to describe you.

A – able, accurate, adept, aggressive, analytical, articulate, attractive
B – bilingual, bright, brilliant
C – capable, competent, confident, cooperative, creative
D – dedicated, dependable, detail-oriented, dynamic
E – educated, effective, efficient, energetic, enthusiastic, experience, expert
F – fast, fair, fit, flexible, formidable, friendly
G – gentle, good looking, gracious
H – hardworking, healthy, honest, humble
I – imaginative, ingenious, innovative, intelligent
L – licensed, literate, low-profile
M – managerial, motivated, multilingual, multitalented
O – organized, outgoing, outstanding
P – patient, people-oriented, perceptive, personable, productive, professional
Q – qualified, quick-thinking
R – ready, reliable, resourceful, responsible, reasonable
S – scholarly, self-assured, self-reliant, serious, skilled, smart, stable, successful
T – talented, top-level, trained, trustworthy
V – valuable, visionary
W – well-educated, well-groomed, willing, witty
Y – Young, youthful

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