Corporate Social Responsibility – a New PR Invention

Boasted by tsunami, the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ or CSR is discussed, argued event debated in different perspectives. What does ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ really mean anyway? Different organizations have different interpretations on CSR – although there is a common ground as to produce positive impact on society.

CSR raised controversial issues. If the arguments against a socially responsible approach were widely accepted, nobody would even be talking and arguing CSR because everyone would be doing it. Why CSR Matters? Why should worry about CSR? Why do some media resistant to CSR?

CSR is an old concept but a new package. Don’t you think that corporation should pay more attention to ethical values, compliance to legal legislations? That a corporation should pay more care to its workforce, to people, community and environments?

If quantifiable information does not backup reporting, CSR could be viewed as a shallow public relations exercise and could be seriously backfire.

Learn more about the concept, strategy and tips, application, challenges in case studies on CSR in PR Week – One day Workshop on 26 may 2005

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