Lifetime employment has (Continued from last edition )

25. Admit Your Mistakes and Limits
26. Take Calculated Risks
27. Incorporate Other Aspects of Attitude
28. Give the Caller Your Undivided Attention
29. Be Consistent and Sincere When Answering the Phone
30. Identify Yourself and Your Purpose Up Front When Calling
31. Monitor Your Tone of Voice
32. Pace Yourself During a Phone Call
33. Periodically Summarize What You Hear
34. Take Responsibility for Understanding Different Speech Styles
35. Take Notes During a Phone Conversation
36. Leave a Specific Phone Message
37. Treat a Conference Call Like an In-Person Meeting
38. Asses Your Phone Call Skills
39. Time Emails Right
40. Tune Emails Up
41. Send Emails Carefully
42. Print Emails Before You Delete Them
43. Keep Your Professional Guard Up in Emails
44. Start Preparing Presentation ASAP
45. Establish the Why and the What of Presentations
46. Identify Each Presentations Audience
47. Arrange the Right Place for Presentation
48. Organize Your Presentation’s Content
49. Practice Presentations Before You Speak
50. Plan your Appearance for Presentation
51. Tie Up Loose Ends Before Presentation

(Source : Work Smart, M. Taub, M. Tullier)

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