You can reach the top … Can’t you?

  • If we do more than we are paid, finally we will be paid more than we do
  • How far your achievement in your life does not depend on what happens to you, but on what you did happen to you
  • You will fail if you try to be others what you are going to be. You if  you use your own capability, it is a real responsibility
  • An old man who has the best self image will find that reality is the best for his kids.
  • As a universal law, that those who ‘go fast on the right track’ will far ahead and quicker in whatever he does.
  • Productivity does not guarantee job security. You need to combine productivity with positive thinking consistently in whatever you do.
  • What you do apart of your primary task will have a great impact on your success in your job. How many books do you read every year? How often you go into seminar or workshop, with whom you spent most of your time
  • Men and women are distinguished not on their gender and race – but on their vision.
  • If you put most people down – you will never reach the top.

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