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If we do more than we are paid, finally we will be paid more than we do How far your achievement in your life does not depend on what happens to you, but on what you did happen to you You will fail if you try to be others what you are going to be. […]

These words represent personality traits people in the business world find positive and attractive. Review this list and select the words that seem to describe you. A – able, accurate, adept, aggressive, analytical, articulate, attractiveB – bilingual, bright, brilliantC – capable, competent, confident, cooperative, creativeD – dedicated, dependable, detail-oriented, dynamicE – educated, effective, efficient, energetic,

There is a wide agreement that organizational culture refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes an organization from the other organizations. On a closer analysis, this is a set of characteristics  that the organization values. Individual initiative: responsibility, freedom and independence that individuals have Risk tolerance: the degree to which

There are conditions and situations under which change is most likely; these should be considered triggers that acts as early warnings and can alert a company to the need of heightening its analytic and planning efforts.These triggers are usually caused by: Internal organizational change, in mission goals, objectives External change, in markets, technological developments, or

If we do more than we are paid, finally we are paid more than we do If we really love our jobs, they will pay us well Always remember that ‘a free cheese’ is always on a mouse trap Those who have vision, will further and faster in reaching their achievement in life Persistence makes

Why are  some able to set goals and attain them while others drift through life, tapped in dead-end jobs and get pension in an unfavorable environment? Self confidence – usually makes the difference, rather than ‘money’ as most people say. Pessimist explain life’s events as permanent (these things always happen to me), pervasive (everything is

Suppose you are an office employee, in whatever level you are assigned, you will be running the risk of losing your job if you do not follow the trends and do not consider that self investment is necessary to keep up with the tremendous change in office routines. To be in demand Office support staff

Sages Expand other’s knowledge about a wide array of subjects and use it to design strategy. VisionariesInspire large groups of people to go beyond their previous accomplishments. MagiciansCoordinate change by bridging the gap between where the organization is and where it should be. GlobalistsConsolidate the experiences of people across culture by demonstrating an interest in

1. Proactive A constant proactive behavior or having personal vision includes taking responsibility upon attitude and behavior to do something 2. Refer to your end goal Personal leadership starts from clear decision to understand our position : where are we now, where we are going and what we value. 3. Do the main thing This

If you are true leader, people will follow your steps, wherever you are going It is not a position that makes someone a leader, the leadership is.  The essence of power in leadership is the ability to influence others without power If a person does not know what he does not know, he will never

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