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You might be struggling with office politics or a difficult boss, facing ethical dilemmas, wondering how to get a promotion, or deciding if you should change your career field, the tips are suitable for you. In the company, the knowledge workers get paid foro their education, knowledge and mind. Here are the following tips to help you through the frustrating, confusing or downright disastrous times that arise as you attempt to manage your job or career successfully.

  • Working Smarter, Not Harder
  1. Expect to deal with ambiguous situations everyday
  2. Put what motivates you in your job
  3. Maximize your learning style
  4. Blend your decision-making approach with those of others
  • Managing Other’s Perceptions of You
  1. Define your perceived and real image
  2. Determined why you may have a perception gap
  3. Alter or strengthen your real image
  4. Locate your job as a centre of a small circle
  5. Measure your professional success by your cumulative achievements
  6. Accept that is Okay to go sideways
  7. Redefine your career to include all aspects of your life
  • Prioritizing Who is Important
  1. Make yourself accessible
  2. Return all message promptly
  3. Manage your time by turning in client’ needs
  4. Act and follow up quickly and consistently
  5. Share relevant information with others
  6. Handle conflicts before they handle you
  7. Evaluate your level of responsiveness
  • Approaching Your Job
  1. Act enthusiastic and positive
  2. Think like an owner
  3. Find solutions to problems
  4. Do grunt work with a smile
  5. Be detailed oriented
  6. Play for the team

(Source : Work Smart, M. Taub, M. Tullier)
Note : The tips will continue in the next editions – follow them through.

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