The differences characteristics leader who develops other leaders and leader who develop followers

Being a leader who develops other leaders demands focus and attitude which are totally different from those who develop followers. Check the differences in the following characteristics. 

Leaders who develops followers

  • Ask the attention
  • Focus on other weaknesses’
  • Develop 20% out of those in the lowest level
  • Give equal treatment for the sake of ‘fairness’
  • Building and maintain power
  • Spend time with others
  • Give impact only to certain people with personal touch

Leader who develops other leaders

  • Desire for success
  • Focus on power
  • Develop 20% out of those in top level
  • Treat others as individuals for the sake of ‘impact’
  • Sharing power
  • Create time for others
  • Give impact to those beyond his/her personal touch

(Source : The 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John C. Maxwell)

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