Effective Team Working

Our potential for success in achieving the program objectives depends on the effective working of our team. Since the team is often made up of the group of people, there is a high probability that they have not worked together before. This put an additional burden on you initially to start the process of team building to steer the group towards your objective of  effective teamwork.

It is believed that the team can accomplish more than the total output of the individual people, yet in practice this is often not the reality. the success of the team highly depends on the skills each individual has and the way you utilize the skills to produce a united effort.

To achieve this you can identify some characteristics to create in your team

  1. Clear responsibilities and authority
  2. Clear understanding and acceptance of project objectives
  3.  Interesting and challenging work
  4.  High concern for standards and quality
  5.  Clean procedures for interfunctional communication and working
  6.  Positive use of criticism and confrontation as developmental
  7.  Good team spirit – encouraging self-help and working relationships
  8.  Open and regular performance review – team and individual

Barriers to performance in most cases are caused by :

  • Unclear objectives for the project
  • Lack of strategic direction
  • Inadequate resources, both quantity and quality
  • Senior management apathy, loss of interest or opposition
  • Power games and unclear channels of authority
  • Conflicts left unresolved
  • Lack of job security
  • Uncertain and changing priorities
  • Be concerned about the potential barriers to good performance and take steps to minimize their effect on your team

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