March 1, 2003

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR Every board or stop executives with whom the editor has talked or worked  has placed a high importance on achieving a good corporate reputation. executives and directors know that a good reputation allows them to attract more capital, gain a higher multiple  for their market share, enhance their recruiting efforts, Improve […]

‘If you want to win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend’ – Abraham LincolnHave you ever been in a situation where you meet someone for the first time and after a few minutes talk feel as if you are more like friends than strangers. if you have

Our potential for success in achieving the program objectives depends on the effective working of our team. Since the team is often made up of the group of people, there is a high probability that they have not worked together before. This put an additional burden on you initially to start the process of team

Similarities cannot sell. The value of your product/service depends on its differences with that of your competitor’s and your services to your customers Make your product according to the elements of image: brand image, product image, customer’s image, associate’s image Apply proper strategy: focus on profit, not volume ; on real consumption, not on market

Competent managers are scare. Therefore, organization need to anticipate the adequate number of managers in line with organization development. Management training is not as simple as training a technician or accounting staff; it is a complex process. Here are some of the reviews:Executives are trained and their achievement is measured by so called standard – 

People with high EI : Label their feelings, rather than labeling people or situations Distinguish between thought and feelings Take responsibility for their feelings Use their emotions to help make decisions Show respect for others’ feelings Feel energized, not angry Validate others’ feelings Practice getting a positive value from their negative emotions Don’t advice, command,

In most western cultures, it flacks and worse, it is to be disliked, distrusted as it sometimes shows manipulation of reality. In China, it is still regarded to some extent, as a dirty business, power of money or propaganda.  In Northern America,  UK and Western Europe –  the trend is toward corporate communications –  not

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