Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence – what and how to develop
    EI refers to a learned ability to perceive, understand and express our feelings accurately and to control our emotions so that they work for us, not against us.

    EI is about
    • Knowing how you and others feel and what to do about it
    • Knowing what feels good and what feels good and what feels bad and how to cope with them
    • Possessing emotional awareness, sensitivity and the management skills that will help us to maximize our long-term happiness and survival

  • Why EI is growing to be more important
    1. The changing of nature of work: flatter structures, less hierarchical, greater responsibility
    2. Increasing complexity of business: technology has a great impact on reshaping jobs
    3. Rise in competition: shorter product life cycle, more demanding customers
    4. Globalization of markets: organizations need to think global, yet act local
    5. Rapid change: change a constant feature of organization life
    6. Emergence of self-managed career: no more jobs for life
    7. The growing need to maximize self performance  : not just know how, but ability to do 
    8. Research evidence: IQ + EQ = Success

  • How to develop your EI:
    1. Self awareness – the ability to see ourselves with our own eyes: goals, beliefs, values, drivers, rules. Self-talk
    2. Emotion management – the ability to manage or emotions effectively
    3. Self-motivation – pursuing our goals with commitment, passion, energy and persistence
    4. Interpersonal Intelligence – the ability to create relationship and building effective networks
    5. Emotional Coaching – the ability to develop others to resolve difference, solve problems, communicate effectively and become motivated

(SourceWorking with Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, 1998 as quoted by Margaret Chapman, 2001)

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