Productivity Improvement

It is clear that work efficiency and productivity embrace far more than financial sacrifices. Researchers find the employees want quite different things from what the employers think they want. The manager who believes that all the employee wants is his daily bread and more of it, will put all his emphasis on financial incentive. The following is the example oh how the supervisors and employees rate differently about working conditions. 

1. Appreciation18
2. Feeling ‘in’ on things210
3. Sympathetic help on personal matters39
4. Steady job42
5. Good pay51
6. Interesting work65
7. Getting promotion73
8. Loyalty to fellow employees86
9. Good working conditions94
10. Tactful discipline107

In separate study by Cornel University, reported that employees who had quit their jobs revealed the following information :
– 20% had never been told how they were doing
– 22% said that  they received conflicting orders most of the time
– 36% believed they did not get as much instruction as they needed
– 28% said their supervisor only give them partial answer to a question
– 66% felt that the best-qualified persons were not selected for promotions

The low absence employees were questioned about what factors they considered  essential in maintaining good attendance, the answers were :

  • recognition of work well done
  • favourable attitude toward management
  • a feeling of ‘belonging’ to the group
  • freedom to talk over problems with immediate supervisor
  • pride in their group’s productivity
  • opportunities to participate in decisions affecting their job and work

(Source : Improving Individual Productivity, Stalley & Dellof)

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