Transforming Employee Attitudes: Positive Success Principles

Positive attitudes, behaviors and language are the most critical ingredients, supported by constant application, interpretation, and examples provided by organizational leadership. Virtually all studies of employee satisfaction show that influencing employee attitudes is more effectively done by local managers and supervisors than by any other force within a business or organization. 

  • Here are the most powerful principle-based techniques and behavior management must use if it truly hopes to redirect, redefine, and refocus how employees think, speak, behave, and achieve in their work environment. 
  1. Be constructive
    • Seek to make and solicit positive, constructive suggestions, every day
    • Seek out useful questions to answer every day
    • Critique performance constructively
    • Help others benefit more than you do
  1. Be positive
    • Teach others to have fun and celebrate some success every day
    • Use positive declarative language
    • Reduce the use of negative language
    • Eliminate negative emotional words
  1. Be prompt
    • Do it now. Ask it now. Answer it now. 
    • Fix it now. Sell it now. Attack, attack, attack
  1. Be outcome focused
    • Learn positive lessons from adverse situations
    • Focus on today and tomorrow
    • Commit to forward momentum
  1. Be reflective
    • What could you have done more or less often?
    • What could you have done to make something better?
    • Could you have conducted yourself differently and more consistently

(Source : How to Develop the MInd od a Strategist, Lukaszewski)

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