Model on How Managers can motivate employees and affect performance

  • Managers must determine the needs or their employees
  • Manager must find out what their employees want from their jobs
  • Managers must first set their own performance goals and objectives before they can sit down with their employees to formulated their goals
  • Managers must ensure that star performers are rewarded more than good performers and good performers are rewarded more than poor performers
  • Managers must ensure that the reward is significant, not trivial

Before they motivate others, they must know the characteristics of Motivation

  1. Motivation originates within the self. People can only be motivated about things they truly want to achieve
  2. Work-related behavior is influenced by external factors which include rewards, such as pay, recognition and to some extent threat
  3. Performance is influenced by the situation in which it occurs, either positive and negative. Environmental factors include the people around us or even the organization, reputation or technology

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