Tips on How to avoid recruiting new employees

  • Those who are accompanied by 
    (a) his/her maid (b) lawyers (c) bodyguard (d) bear doll and (e) his/her mother.
  • Those who are boasting themselves upon the last bad-manner superiors
  • Those who show more than 5 pages curriculum vitae
  • Those who speak faster than the advertisement of Federal Express
  • Those who often speak improper foreign languages
  • Those who cannot say : NO
  • Those who try to impress you with dirty joke

60 to 80 percent of organization’s success depends on the following factors:
(1) Clear direction (2) The right players (3) Sound financial standing.

5 Principles on How to Recruit the Best Team

  1. The smaller the organization, the more significant the recruitment process
  2. List the 20 characteristics of person you need (1) positive attitude (2) energetic (3) personal pride (4) integrity (5) commitment (6) personal image (7) tough (8) leadership (9) capacity to be a subordinate (10) free from personal problem (11) empathy (12) have a sense of humor (13) persistent (14) track record (15) ambitious (16) self discipline (17) creative (18) flexible (19) holistic (20) intuition
  3. Have the knowledge of person needed:
    Frontliner vs Followe? Generalist vs Specialist? Producer vs Caretaker? Human Resource vs Administrative management? Leader vs Supporter? Veteran vs Early Beginner? Creative Thinker vs Dreamer? With or Without intensive supervision? Team vs Individual player? Short vs Long term employment?
  4. Know what each of prospective members of the team needs
  5. Should you unable to employ the best personnel, employ the youngest whom you think can be the best

(Source: John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader within You)

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