The successful human resource manager

  • To know how to do a work is the success of a worker. To tell others about anything is the success of a teacher. To inspire other people how to do the work is the success of management. But to do the three things together is the accomplishment of a true leader
  • A successful human resource manager has to understand the simple fact of life that each person deserves respect. Each one of us is hungry – hungry for acknowledgement, friends, understanding and love, just to mention a few. People do not care how much he knows until they know how much he cares for others. 
  • A successful human resource manager will have to answer the following :
    1. Do I develop others or I have my own dreams and exploit others to achieve my goal?
    2. Do I care for confrontation with people of different opinion?
    3. Do I listen with my ears and my heart?
    4. Do I know the potential strength of each individual person?
    5. Do I set high priority on my responsibility?
    6. Do I create the acceptable values in my organization?
    7. Do I have enough influence to make them they listen to me? Do they want me?

The success of human resource manager is indicated by the extent on how others have developed so far in time of his leadership.

(Source : J.C Maxwell, Developing the Leader within You)

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