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In the recent report on the international human resource management, the need for education and communication has added to another facet to change management. In a research of ten countries the project team found out that training in communicating with staff is widespread, reflecting the importance of the subject.
So far, however, managers continue to prove reluctant to communicate with employees on financial and strategic issues.

According to the report:

  • Managers seem to concentrate on feeding themselves and each other with information, neglecting the important task of taking their staff and organization with them’.

Communication skills are still seen as a soft management by practicing managers, particularly in manufacturing, and they are not given sufficient attention in programs of management education and development.

Yet, the ability to communicate and to develop an understanding of how communication can help achieve objectives, are both key management skills, some examples:

  • Sense-making
  • Listening skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Media skills
  • Self awareness and empathy

Communication is not simply a matter of passing information, but is more concerned with the transference of understanding. Managers have not been found particularly willing or skillful in this task.

(Source: IC’s role in competitiveness and innovation, Jon White)

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