Investing in Human Capital

  • Competing in global economy several trends in business worldwide are identified
    1. Shifting from investing in an organization fix to investing in the human capital of the organization
    2. Moving away from a structural focus toward a cultural focus
    3. Focussing less on work processes and more on developing people and programs that motivate both behavior and performance
  • The successful implementation of new technologies depends on many factors including the efficient management of human resources.
  • Recent research indicates that intellectual assets and resources can be utilized much more efficiently and effectively if organization apply knowledge management techniques for leveraging their human resources and enhancing their personnel management
  • The human resources departments are well positioned to ensure the success of knowledge management programs, which are directed at capturing, using, and re-using employees’ knowledge.
  • Through human resources management a culture that encourages the free flow of knowledge for meeting organizational goals can be created.

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