• The most important variable in leadership :  INTEGRITY.
    If I have the integrity,  what I say is similar to what I am doing.
    I am what I am,  no matter where I am who accompanies me. 

    Unfortunately,  integrative seems to be disappearing in modern  practice. Personal integrity is degrading if someone is pursuing personal interests and making any possible breakthrough to success. In any case, lack of credibility is traceable to  the level of individual integrity within an organization.
  • Integrity is not what we do, but more or less who we are.
    80% of what we learn comes from visual stimulation,  10% comes from what we hear and only 1% from other  senses. It is logical if more followers see and hear their leaders are consistent in the way they say and do,  they will be more loyal to the organization. They really believe what they  see and hear,  they do not believe what the leaders say.
  • Image is what others think about us. Integrity is what we are in reality. Integrity can establish trust confidence. Integrity has a high level of influence.
    Each organization is the shadow of  one person. His characters will reflect his organization. 71% of respondents of 1,300 executives responded to a current research place integrity on top of the 16 characteristics of business  success.
  • Instagram tea makes leaders reliable, not only clever. Integrity is gained through a long process.  Once you lose your integrity, you will lose the game!
    Integrity is not taken for granted. Integrity is a self-discipline, addition to behave honestly,  fairly, end properly in all kinds of situation.

    In reality, only a few leaders have  this integrity. integrated is an antithesis in our culture surrounded by the mentality of materialistic and consumeristic. So many cases we see that a person sell his or her integrative for a position or money.
    “If you lose your wealth, you lose nothing. if you lose your health, you lose something. but if you lose your characters, you lose everything”

    (Source : Developing the Leader within You, John C. Maxwell)

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