Profile of Effective Leader

Leaders maintain respect
When you think of leaders, they are the ones people respect.

Leaders work effectively with people
They understand and live by the facts that excellence happens through effective people, not through things.

Leaders are responsive to the needs and desires of others
They understand the individual needs and desires and create a conducive working environment to satisfy these needs. They understand that you manage motivational environments and that all you can do is to create an environment that motivates the individual. 

Leaders are knowledgeable
Learning is a constant and there are no experts. Leaders are the people who are constantly developing their minds and going to new depth of understanding. An individual who says that they are experts in indeed an arrogant individual.

Leaders possess superior motivation
They have an inner drive to achieve goals and to become successful, and they show it in their behaviour.

Leaders utilize and tap every every resource
They constantly reach down inside and tap the hidden potentials in themselves and others. There is no ‘my men’ and ‘his men’ all resources are ‘our men’

When your subordinates do not want to listen to you, they might lose their respect upon you, it is better to check yourself:
1. Are you a true leader to them?
2. Are you honest to them?
3. Are you the leader they really want? 

(Source : Total Quality Organization, Balance & Harmony for excellence, Thomas J. Barry) 

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