Crisis Communication from A to Z

Agnes Huff, Ph.D has the following suggestions that can help you manage communications in the event of crisis and protect your company’s reputation.

  • Always prepare for a variety of crisis situations
  • Be realistic about the outcome expected
  • Communicate with empathy, compassion and care
  • Develop a communications plan for your team and train them 
  • Enlist the help of others internally and externally 
  • Form an inclusive communications team 
  • Get the crisis behind you as quickly as possible
  • Help the media as much as you can
  • Incorporate internet strategies in your plan
  • Just do the right thing
  • Keep your cool. Stay in control
  • Look before you leap or you will be in big trouble
  • Maintain an appropriate sense of humor throughout the crisis
  • Never go off the record
  • Open the door to two way communications
  • Prepare your 3 key messages before your briefings and stick to them
  • Questions all potential crisis strategies and ask ‘What if’
  • Respect and respond to media inquiries quickly and professionally 
  • Stop to talking when you are finished
  • Think before you speak
  • Underestimate the power of media at your own risk 
  • Verify all information – no matter how reliable the source
  • Work hard to coordinate, cooperate and solve issues a they arise
  • Xerox paper so you don’t lose critical information 
  • Your reputation depends on how you handle the media. And last of all …
  • Zero tolerance for media distortion, inaccuracy and bad press

Presented in PRSA International Conference, Anaheim, CA

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