How to Assess Your Interests, Skills and Values

  • Take vocational tests administered by a qualified career counselor
  • Complete self assessment exercises provided in many popular career guidebooks
  • Ask people to know you well what they think your interests, strengths, and values are
  • Think about what made you happy and what you did particularly well in past jobs, internships, volunteer experiences or class projects
  • To assess skills, try to remember looking back through past performance reviews to see what your past or current supervisors and peers have commended you for.
  • Simply make a list of top ten things you like, do well, and consider to be important.

How to Assess Work Progress

  • Do I have greater scope of responsibility?
  • Do I have brighter boss and more intelligent colleagues?
  • Do I spend less hour for similar work I did last year?
  • Do I get wider knowledge and skills?
  • Do I dare to say more NO to my superior?
  • Do I receive more salary and benefits rather than I did last year?
  • Do I have new colleagues, new challenges, new expectations and new ways of dealing with such unpredictable problems?
  • Do I encounter more surprising events in the last six month?
  • Do I tend to work or smarter lately?
  • Do I add more to the list of business travelling at home and overseas?
  • Do I get more clients and receive more complaints in a more complicated manner?
  • Do I exercise more influence and have more impact on what I am doing to more people?

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