10 Priorities of Personal Organization

  1. Establish your top priorities > no wise man wastes his time unnecessarily
  2. Write down the priorities in your calendar > make a list of priority on paper, revise it
  3. Be ready for unexpected incidents > the more we interact, the longer time we need
  4. Do the project one after another > avoid overload work
  5. Organize your working environment > set up creative and administrative room
  6. Do the work according to your personal mood > are you an early riser? Make sure everything in the morning
  7. Find easy access to light job and self development > relax is important
  8. Develop your system > set up the infrastructure : computer, staff etc.
  9. Allocate time effectively > make a list of everything you will have to do
  10. Be result, not action oriented > no matter how you work, smarter work will result better than hard work
    • Try best to work effectively on your 80% allocated time
    • Try best to have self study on you 15% allocated time
    • Just spend 5% of your time on things when you are not in the mood.

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