Developing Professional Identity

  1. Focus on your work 
  2. Do not concentrate heavily on details
  3. Keeping on top of trends in your industry and the world in general 
  4. Your personal success directly corresponds to your network 
  5. Treat both insider and outsider of your organization as client
  6. Admit mistakes and take responsibility for the right away 
  7. Leaving a brief phone message is better than leaving a specific one
  8. Be panic on time, and be calm when others are panic
  • Define your perception and real image

    What image do you currently project at work?
    Ask someone you work closely with to let you know how they think others see you. Depending how your organizations conduct performance reviews, you may get a broader range of feedback from people in different areas and at different levels of your organizations.

    You may find out that your professional image varies depending upon how well someone knows you, their position in the organization, or their level.
    In any case. It’s important for your success that you find out why your imagined and real images are different at work.

    (Source: Work Smart, Taun, M & Tuliier M)

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