The Mind Test

Answer these questions to determine whether you are internalizer (you feel that you can control your life and action) or an externalizer (you believe that others control you life)

  • Do you believe that if somebody studies hard, he or she can pass any subject?
  • Do you believe that whether or not people like you depends on how you act?
  • Do you think it’s better to be smart than to be lucky?
  • Are you most often blamed for things that just aren’t your fault?
  • Are some people just born lucky?
  • Do you feel that it doesn’t pay to try hard because things never turn out right anyway?

If you answered Yes to questions 1 – 3 > You are an Internalizer.
If you answered Yes to question 4 -6, classify yourself as an Externalizer. 

(Source : The Mind Test by R. Aero and E. Weiner)

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