Building Careers

  • Building Careers. A career is a lifelong process sequence of related jobs and experiences. As companies have downsized and employed more knowledge workers, new types of careers and career development have become more common

  • The globalization of business, the rapidly changing environment and downsizing of organizations have called for new types of careers. Companies more often outsource activities, rely on part-time or contract employees, decentralize decision making, and create free-form organizations structures. No longer do people work for the same company during their entire lives. Instead they are moving away from traditional career arrangements and taking responsibility for managing their own careers.

  • People move through numerous stage as they progress through their careers. The following is the timeline of career development in the United States : Entry stage (20-30), Early career (25-35), Full membership (30-50), Mid career (35-55), Late career (55-70), Pre-retirement (60-75), Retirement (65-75)

  • Before you start making career development decisions, separate fact from opinion.
    Check the following myth and find out the reality in the following issue EGA briefings No. 6
    1. Good workers do not get fired
    2. Hard work and company loyalty result in job security
    3. Good paying jobs are available without a college / university education
    4. A college / university degree guarantees a good job
    5. The best jobs are in large corporations
    6. Go to work in a good company and move up the career ladder
    7. Find the hot industry and you will be in demand
    8. Don’t try to change jobs after age 40
    9. Don’t waste time on foolish dreams after college, it’s time to grow up, settle down and get a real job
    10. Company loyalty is rewarded with job security and a secure retirement
    11. It is not what you know, it’s who you know that counts

      (Source : L.H – Tuck, A. Price, M. Robertson, Career Patterns)

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