• Most people find confrontation difficult. Yet we know that sometimes confrontation is needed to clarify some issue that might potentially raise unnecessary conflicts
  • If you don’t like the word ‘confrontation’. We need to clarify some issue rather than making confrontation with an individual
    Ten Tips to effective confrontation
    • Do it private, not in public
    • Do it promptly, do not delay
    • Talk about one subject in one occasion. Do not make a long list  of problems
    • State the problem only once. Do not ever repeat
    • Focus on what you are sure he/she can do
    • Avoid sarcastic words. Sarcasm indicates that you are mad with the person, note the action
    • Avoid the word ‘always’ and ‘never’
    • Give positive criticism or raise question as alternative
    • You don’t have to say sorry for confrontative meeting. If you do that, you are not sure that you have the right to say what you are going to do
    • Don’t forget to give compliment. Follow this sequence : Compliment Confrontation – Compliment

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