How to promote yourself

Working in or observing public relations and advertising are as close as  most people get into seeing the techniques of promotion. Parallels with personal promotion, public relations in the narrow scope, and advertising are effective means of promoting a product or service. 

  • Objectives for your self-promotion could include any of the following :
    • Getting in print : put your ideas in writing, distribute to colleagues and friends, ask for feedback
    • Getting considered for future jobs : update your knowledge and skills
    • Creating favourable awareness : motivate others, initiate positive actions
    • Getting recommended : establish yourself as an expert or a resource person
    • Gaining professional status : behave on a businesslike manner
    • Getting a promotion or raise : always try to create challenge
    • Gaining visibility : always appear in public
    • Attracting a mentor : try to find a mentor who can give wider opportunity to stay ahead

  • Recommended tips for self-promotion
    • Make business cards. They can be plain, but get high-quality cards. Apply the same standards to your personal stationary
    • Make your introductions memorable
    • Review your job performance. Set objectives for yourself and monitor your progress
    • Understand what other wants and expect
    • Join organizational membership
    • Assume leadership in organizations
    • Work at everyday communications and social activities
    • Take part in charity and other voluntary work
    • Create or participate in seminars
    • Publicize! Promote your family, pets, home, food, hobbies, interests and many more!!

Source : C.D. Peterson Staying in Demand’

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