Are you really a global player?

By speaking English, no matter how loud you can speak, how hard you convince your audience, you are not what you think you are. A world class manager is a manager who makes change, not someone who is influenced by change. A world class manager is the one who plans for changes, who combines a system that facilitates the changes, who empowers the workforce to make change and who appreciates successful change. To be a global player, you need a long process  that is basically rooted in your ‘mindset’.

Let’s look at the characteristics of a successful global leader.

PersonalRelations with workIntellectual/Social
Patient, persistentAble to think work as a systemIntellectual and social curiosity
Emotionally stableAble to make decision in uncertaintyGood in establishing rapport
Able to accept failure Able to cope in cultural barriersHave knowledge on history and social development
Open mindedAble to be a respected model Being sensitive to other’s values
Have a sense of humor Able to anticipate business hintsHave high motivation to work across border
HumbleAble to adapt management style
High ImaginativeTechnically competent

Source : Mary O’Hara Devereaux & Robert Johansen, “Global Work”

  • Learn more about summary of Asian and Western values and evaluate yourself. What values influence you more?
  • It might be worthwhile if you take the advice of some wise world class managers

“Think Globally, Act Locally”

Asian ValuesWestern Values
Harmonious relationshipSelf- actualization
Hierarchies and power distanceDemocratic
Low tolerance of uncertaintyTolerance of uncertainty
Respect for eldersRespect for merit
Respect for statusRespect for achievement
Face, sensitivity and feelingsObjective facts and data
Indirect; third party assistanceDirect to the point; one to ones
Shame culture – external controlGuilt culture internal control
Modesty and humilityWinning, assertive, active and outspoken
Guarded; limited disclosureMore disclosure
Consensus seekingConsultative; debate
Personal and group facePersonal pride and self-esteem
Relationship focussedTask focussed
Family spirit; unityRole and boundary definition
Time is lifeTime is money
Humanistic, spiritual fulfillmentMechanistic and materialistic

Source : Robert Burns, “Doing Business in Asia”

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