What public relations?

In most western cultures, it flacks and worse, it is to be disliked, distrusted as it sometimes shows manipulation of reality. In China, it is still regarded to some extent, as a dirty business, power of money or propaganda.  In Northern America,  UK and Western Europe –  the trend is toward corporate communications –  not public relations. 

In Indonesia? It is HUMAS, it sounds very technical and pragmatic.  it is considered as spin doctor, camouflage, propaganda, promotion and publicity tools.  there is a great role ambiguity between marketing and public relations,  it shows a great role conflict between organizations and public interests.

Public relations office will only be as useful to management as management wants it to be (Cutlip et al, 1985)

The actual problem is – how PR  is empowered in organization
What is the value of public relations to organization? It all depends!

  • Strategic  Positioning Reputation, Brand Equity, Relationship, Leadership
  • Managerial  Program Change people’s attitude
  • Technical  Product Distribution, Media coverage, Attention
    • Power means productive, rather than oppressive or manipulative
    • Empowerment means logical outgrowth to participate in TQM

If powerless, how can PR influence events –  Share in decision making process –  Contribute the maximum to organizational effectiveness?

  • Although accreditation  is encouraged, code of ethics  and standards of practice our held  as evidence to professional status. Public relations practice needs moral commitment, knowledge, skills. A practitioners reputation for integrity and competence is the real license to practice.
  • Judgement,  wisdom, understanding and integrity

 Develop and rely on them.
Warning signs that a reputation is in danger

  1. Does management claim that the good reputation is primarily the result of their support in PR activities?
  2. Does management blame editors or analyst other for their biases in dealing with the organization’s issues or  news?
  3. Do Executives refuse to believe than your competitors are a challenge to the company’s value proposition?
  4. Are the vast majority of reputation resources in the company put into advertising to ‘raise public awareness’?
  5. Is the company losing market share?

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