The Elements of Public relations

Public relations is dealing with promotion and publicity. Public relations is mainly concerned with press release. Public relations practitioners is the one who should have basic knowledge and skill on how to make press release satisfies the press and the one that pleases the eyes of the bosses.

Today – public relations practices have developed so far to meet the needs of global challenges and free trade competition era. Check the list and tell yourself if you know and practice the Elements of Public relations as suggested by Otis Baskin in their book ‘Public Relations – the Profession and the Practice’.

  • Counselling. Providing advice to the management concerning policies, relationships and communications > what to do.
  • Research. Determining their attitude and behavior of public to plan, implement and measure activities to influence or change their attitude and behavior.
  • Media Relations. Relating and responding to their interests in for a certain issue.
  • Publicity. Disseminating messages through selected media without payment.
  • Employee Relations. Responding to concerns, informing and motivating employees.
  • Community Relations. Continuing, plan and participation with and within a community to maintain and enhance its environment for mutual benefit.
  • Public Affairs. Developing effective involvement in public policy and helping an organization adapt to public expectations.
  • Government Affairs. Relating directly with legislatures and regulatory agencies.
  • Issues Management. Identifying and addressing issues of public concern in which an organization is, or should be concerned.
  • Financial Relations. Creating and maintaining investor confidence and building relationship with the financial community.
  • Industry Relations. Relating with other firm and trade associates.
  • Fundraising. Demonstrating the need for and encouraging an organization members, friends, supporters, to voluntarily contribute to support it.
  • Minority Relations. Relating with individuals and groups in minorities.
  • Special Events and Public Participation. Stimulating an interest in a person, product or organization by means of events and special activities designed to create interaction.
  • Marketing Communications. Combinations of activities designed to sell a product, service or idea, collateral materials, point-of-sale display, trade shows and special events : music, sport, public health, awards, competition and many others.

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