January 1, 2003

REMARKS FROM THE EDITOR It has been two years since to EGA briefings – the bi-monthly source for promising executives come to its readers. EGA briefings is aimed at sharing trends, knowledge, strategies and tactics relating to the practice of communications public relations and management issues. Each issue is meant to develop the reader’s potential […]

Public relations is dealing with promotion and publicity. Public relations is mainly concerned with press release. Public relations practitioners is the one who should have basic knowledge and skill on how to make press release satisfies the press and the one that pleases the eyes of the bosses. Today – public relations practices have developed

In the era of open market, marketing intelligence is more than necessary.Have you observed why some market leaders are no longer leading in their business? Here are some common errors when they are dealing with competitors. Under or overestimating the reactions of your competitors Thinking that, because you have a strong business, competitors are not

One of the so many reasons that some people do not develop and cannot reach to the top is just self-denial. Many promising persons deny their talents. By denying their talents they show others that they contribute nothing to them. The second reason why people do not maximize their talents is postponing. ‘Tomorrow’ is the

The world is divided into people who do things – and people who get the credit (Dwight Morror) Organizations have hierarchies and they do mean something. The trend may be towards flatter organization structures and more informal styles, but senior people are, well –  senior. There is something of a balancing act to be done

Leadership develops every day, not in one day. When a genuine leader talks, everybody will listen. The potency of a leader depends on the people around. If you want to be a leader, do not ever lose the momentum. If you want to grow, lead the followers  – if you want to multiply, lead the

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