Ten Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

People with high EI :

  1. Label their feelings, rather than labeling people or situations
  2. Distinguish between thought and feelings
  3. Take responsibility for their feelings
  4. Use their emotions to help make decisions
  5. Show respect for others’ feelings
  6. Feel energized, not angry
  7. Validate others’ feelings
  8. Practice getting a positive value from their negative emotions
  9. Don’t advice, command, control, criticize , blame or judge others
  10. Avoid people who invalidate them or don’t respect their feelings

What can I do to raise my EI?

  • The first step, identify your own emoticons (Use the feeling word list opposite to help you)
  • Take responsibility for them (This is much harder)
  • Learn what compassion and empathy are (It is much easier if you have taken the first two steps)
  • Read books on emotions (Consult the mind, body & soul section of any book)
  • Get involved with learning. Join our programs for professional development
  • Find a quiet place / time to express your feelings
  • Read emotional literature, watch emotional movies, label the feelings being acted out
  • Avoid people who invalidate you

(Source : The Emotional Intelligence, M. Chapman)

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