Principles of New Marketing (Continuation)

  • Similarities cannot sell. The value of your product/service depends on its differences with that of your competitor’s and your services to your customers
  • Make your product according to the elements of image: brand image, product image, customer’s image, associate’s image
  • Apply proper strategy: focus on profit, not volume ; on real consumption, not on market share ; and on future demand, and not on brand awareness
  • You always need to give whatever reasons for customers to buy
  • Market your product/service locally. Global brand is created from local brand
  • Concentrate to consumers who are able to buy your product/service. speak to them to assist your identify further market
  • Don’t believe the preferences. They don’t stay long. Stick to the sold-well product
  • Make sure that each person in your organization is the best marketer. You need  the best people, not the best organization structure
  • Give  reward for the best ones and penalties to those who deserve them
  • The strategy is yours. The exercising agency is to communicate your strategy effectively. They are hired not to hear the risk
  • You need a high sense of urgency and a great enthusiasm in  your work. If not, why should you wake up early?

(Source : The End of Marketing as we know it, Sergio Zyman)

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