Why cannot people reach the TOP

One of the so many reasons that some people do not develop and cannot reach to the top is just self-denial. Many promising persons deny their talents. By denying their talents they show others that they contribute nothing to them. The second reason why people do not maximize their talents is postponing. ‘Tomorrow’ is the classical answer to save your energy. The next is anxiety. Most people do not believe that failure is an incident, not personal case. They just decide to be safe by doing nothing. The fourth reason is lack of responsibility. They prefer doing other things and blaming others for their failures.

The most discouraging words such as ‘I have no time’ – ‘I have no money’ – ‘I have no friends’ – ‘ I have no confidence’ seem to be an excuse. Time , money, friends, confidence – they do not come to you. You are the one who should find and explore around.

Just look at people around you.

Find successful persons – find out their records. No one without working hard, discipline and networking can ever win the game, in whatever field he/she doing. This fact is universal. Find them, talk to them, explore their background and experience, learn from them and find any opportunity to get to know them and how they exploit their talents.

I don’t know who you are.
I don’t know what you are doing.
I don’t know what you are trying to say and do
I don’t know if it is worth spending my time talking with you
I have no idea about you
So – Why should I care about you?

“I am sorry, I have no time for you”
– Tell who you are. Tell people what you are doing
– What you are aiming, how you benefit others, show yourself that you are worthy for others, that you care for others, that you are sensitive to what happens around you. If you practice this advice, the world is wide open for you, in whatever you do, whatever you go. You can reach the top, as

The sky are the limit !

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