Establishing a Positive Profile

Only shallow people judge by appearance (Oscar Wilde)

If you are still afraid of your superior – you must be a working person. If you are afraid of losing your income – you might be an entrepreneur. But if you are afraid of being sued because you violate code of ethics, then you are entering a professional status. 

Being a professional, you don’t have to worry about losing your job, your income, your boss. Being a professional – you must worry about losing your credibility!
If you look like a doormat then, in all likelihood, people will walk all over you!

Professionals are concerned about profile. Your power to influence is directly affected by how you are seen. Your manner, appearance, way of thinking, working and how you conduct yourself all attribute to your competence, confidence and credibility

Some qualities of a professional are reliable, interested in what you do, responsible, experienced, expert, thorough, sincere, careful, creative, a good communicator, approachable, well prepared and organized. A real professional is the one who is respectful and ethical

A professional NEVER
1. Overdo things
2. Want a reputation for being unpleasantly pushy
3. Show off
4. Steal the show
5. Ask for mercy or promotion

What exactly a professional?

It is like beauty, largely in the eye of the beholder. How do your own manager and others view, rate and judge people? You need to think about it and adapt accordingly. 
A real professional never talks alone. 
You have to show that you are : competent, confident and credible!

(Source : The Managing Upwards, Patrick Forsyth)

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