The Anatomy of a Healthy Company

Imagine going to work, walking into your office or plant, and encountering a vibrant stimulating atmosphere. In talking to employees about an upcoming deadline or project, you hear only enthusiasm and commitment. They are eager to work hard, listen to your vision and strategy and graciously share ideas

As the day progresses, they are on the phone, meeting among themselves, each assignment is approached with a sense of urgency. When someone volunteers to take charge, others are quick to join in to help. They know that on another project, they may be the leader and need support. Teamwork and partnership, rather than the old rigid ladders, make up the organization hierarchy and structure

This sketch is what Robert H. Rosen, a clinical psychologist, named a new model of a healthy company

Perhaps the most remarkable about this new atmosphere is a feeling of respect.
No awkward silence when bosses pass by. No secretive scribbling of cover-your-ass memos. No sullen hostility between employees competing for bigger budgets and more attention. From the flexible schedules to the sharing of vita; information, the organization shows that it truly cares about people, and employees reciprocate this trust with loyalty.

Key values that people hold in the healthy company:

Commitment to Self-Knowledge and Development. This value is a commitment to one’s own personal growth and understanding. People with this value are introspective, principle driven and constantly learning about themselves.

Firm belief in Decency. People who naturally and instinctively treat others as would any feeling, thinking human beings, as they would like to be treated. In this healthy company, actions speak louder than words. Managers are honest with employees, sharing their knowledge and even feelings: and they are fair, apportioning reward and criticism according to accomplishments and deeds.

Respect for Individual Differences. People who respect individual differences know that an office is populated by individuals who look different cultures, but who are just as capable and worthwhile. There are no second class citizens, only human beings of equal worth with special roles and responsibilities.

Spirit of Partnership. This value is a strong belief in ‘community’, in the strength of shared effort, in the value of teamwork, in the satisfaction of partnership. This partnership’s motto is ‘Everyone is a leader, everyone is a follower’. 

High priority for Health and Well-being. Healthy employees are a company’s most valuable assets. The physical and psychological climate at work the size of the computer screen, the interior air, the level of boredom in a job, the attitudes of supervisors plays and enormous role in well-being and performance.

Appreciation for Flexibility and Resilience. The healthy company gives employees the tools to cope with change, they provide advance notice of layoffs and relocations; and they make the transition as smooth as possible.

Passion for Product and Process. With a clear mission and plan of action, people with a passion for product are active, effective doers. They set goals, benchmarks and timetables and know where they are going and why. These people care what happens to their company they feel personally involved and responsible for its successes and failures. Each employee, manager and executive must decide now to put these values to work.

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