People do not pay attention   on what You know, unless they know how You careFor others. Communication your care to others, then you can ask them to do something for you. People give response if someone is sincere. It does not mean that you give something. It really means that you have your personal […]

According to the survey of 500 Fortune companies in 2002, one of the problems facing CEOs is the increasing threat from the stakeholders. Robert H. Rosen, a clinical psychologist stated that companies are now struggling for universal 5 pressures :  The Power of PeopleThe power of people is the most potent force, for it reaches

Investing resource for us in a specific competitive situation seems to be a must. Money and manpower already committed to one conflict cannot be used for another. Competitive actions will continue and the competitors attempt to position themselves or one decisive encounter. Smart executives win victories, achieve understanding and surpass others. They know critical information

Rapid change may be ‘normal’ but it can also have severe psychological consequences. Alvin Toffler (1970) argues that the rate of change was out of control, and that society was ‘doomed to a massive adaptional breakdown’. He believed that there is a limit to the amount of change that we can handle. Too much change

Competent managers are scare. Therefore, organization need to anticipate the adequate number of managers in line with organization development. Management training is not as simple as training a technician or accounting staff; it is a complex process. Here are some of the reviews:Executives are trained and their achievement is measured by so called standard – 

The challenge of most public relations practitioners in a major organization is the management of corporate reputation. Reality and corporate reputation are linked. Not even the most skilled PR Professional can create and sustain a good reputation for a bad company. But at one time or another, many PR counselors are indeed asked to work

Imagine going to work, walking into your office or plant, and encountering a vibrant stimulating atmosphere. In talking to employees about an upcoming deadline or project, you hear only enthusiasm and commitment. They are eager to work hard, listen to your vision and strategy and graciously share ideas As the day progresses, they are on

If you are challenged with transformations in your organization, you are advised to check if you have followed these steps : Set a sense of urgency.Explore the market and actual competition. Identify crises discuss them are explore great opportunities in such crises. Establish competent team.Set a team of competent team with various characteristics to let

People do not pay attention to what you know, unless they know how you care for others. Communicate your care to others, then you can ask them to do something for You. people give responses if someone is sincere. It does nor mean that you give something. It really means that You have your personal

Believe it or not that the most effective people in managerial work are those who tend to bend the stereotype of managerial behavior? Many brilliant, experienced, industrious some are really promising persons have been trying to do what they think the best, in fact few of them have the quality of leadership that we need

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