8 Steps on How to Conduct Organization Transformation

If you are challenged with transformations in your organization, you are advised to check if you have followed these steps :

  • Set a sense of urgency.
    Explore the market and actual competition. Identify crises discuss them are explore great opportunities in such crises.
  • Establish competent team.
    Set a team of competent team with various characteristics to let the change. Make sure that the team work to achieve the organization’s goals. 
  • Create  vision.
    Create a vision leading to organization change,  elaborate the strategies achieve the objectives change.
  • Communicate the vision.
    Apply all communication channels to communicate the vision and  new concepts. Teach new concepts with the leadership of the team you have established.
  • Empower other parties to do the vision.
    Don’t be exclusive.  Get rid of all exclusiveness and change the system. Confine other parties of your ideas,  your activities,  your steps and communicate the risks.
  • Plan and set short-term objectives.
    Set up tangible work performance. Acknowledge and appreciate those who are  involved  in the  work improvement.
  • Consolidate the improvement and do more changes. 
    Employ more credibility the  change the system,  the structure,  the policy,  that do not correspond to the new vision. Empower individuals who are really competent to implement the organization’s vision, not those who are always say ‘yes’ to you.
  • Institutionalize the new approach.
    State the relationship between the new behaviour an organization’s success. Elaborate organizations infrastructures  to confirm leadership change.

(Source : What Leaders Really Do, John P. Kotter)

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