Words That Sell

Avoid some wordy expressions. check on the list are some prime examples of  phrases that  amount  to little more than ‘dead wood’.

Most can be trimmed to a single word.

AvoidReplace it with
At the present timeNow
On the occasion ofWhen, during
Subsequent toAfter
On the grounds thatBecause
In spite of the fact thatAlthough
At an early dateSoon
Come in contact withMeet
Reach a conclusion as toDecide
After very careful considerationAfter condidering
Is of the opinionBelieves

Commonly Confused Words

accept – to receive
except – excluding
complement – complete
compliment – praise
sight – something seen
site – place
adapt – to adjust to
adopt – to accept formally
continual – repeated
continuous – uninterrupted
stationery – fixed
stationery – writing supplies
affect – to influence
effect – to bring about
council – a group
counsel – advise, to advise
their – possessive
there – showing location
they’re – contraction of they are
aid – help
aide – staff member
it’s – contraction for it is
its – possessive
principal – chief
principle – rule
all ready – prepared
already – previously
presently – soon
at present – now
who’s – contraction of who is
whose – possessive
among – more than two involved
between – two involved
you’re – contraction of you are
your – possessive
yours – belong to you

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