Positioning Yourself to Overcome Skepticism

You cannot always control circumstances. But you can control your own thoughts. In today’s skeptical environment, how you position and present yourself to your customers and prospective employer determines how much access to the marketplace you can ultimately achieve.

How can you position and begin to present yourself effectively?

  1. Begin by focusing in the buyer’s perspective
    • What does the customer, the prospect in the marketplace want to see in someone like me?
    • How important I am to “You” and how I can make you sure that I’m the right one for “You”. 
  1. Keep things in perspective
    • How serious a setback to my long-term objectives is this situation?
    • How serious is this situation when I compare it to what others around me are going through?
    • How upset will I be about this one month from now?
  1. Avoid using negative self-talk in your personal and professional life
    • Negative self-talk reduces your ability to be positive
    • If you’ve had bad experiences, you can educate yourself to response positively to them
    • Speak to yourself in ways that reinforce your effort and esteem
  1. Practice self-control. Learn to  limit your depression
    • Every time you walk into a prospecting situation, you are on stage.
    • Think about what it is you-re trying to accomplish.

Feel bad? Shake it off, prepare for your next opportunity

Your opportunities are in the future, not in the past

Source: Endless Prospects – C. R. Weylman

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