Principles of New Marketing Continuation to EGA briefings Issue No 4

  • Raise question. You have to be alert, inquiring and creative. You will find new experience every day
  • Similarity is not for sale. The value of a product depends on the dissimilarities from your competitors
  • Establish a brand name with multiple images. Brand image, product image, consumer image, associative image
  • Apply the right means of disseminating information. Focus on profit, rather than on sale ; on the real consumption, rather than market share ; and on future market, rather than brand awareness
  • You must give more reasons for the consumers to buy. You need them to return to you to buy more frequently with more expensive price
  • Market locally. You must give them personal interest. Global brand is resulted form many prominent local brands
  • Define your market segment and identify the most profitable target market
  • It is easier to improve rather than to widen and change the behaviour
  • Make sure that each of your staff understand your strategy, direction and business goals and let them do in their own way
  • Choose the best professional, rather than the best organization chart you have
  • Apply reward and punishment system
  • Choose the right advertising agency and pay according to the accountable business results
  • You need to have a sense of urgency and work enthusiastically. If not what’s the use of getting up early?

(Source : Sergio Zyman, The End of Marketing as we know it)

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