Leader is a means of change

  • Creating positive change is the most important test for a leader
    If you change the leader, you change the organization. Everythings goes up and down in line of leadership. Nevertheless, it is not easy to know that a leader wants to change. In reality, most leaders reject changes as well as the followers
  • The profile of leader in crucial situation
    • Have a negative view on others Lack of imagination 
    • Have personal problems
    • Avoid responsibility
    • Feel safe and content
    • Unorganized
    • Easy to get angry
    • Do not want to take a risk
    • Insecure and defensive
    • Avoid flexibility
    • Have no teamwork spirit
    • Against changes
  • Leader is a means of change
    If you stop to change, you stop your life because change is nothing more but development. But why people are against the change? 
    First, change does not come from themselves. Second, change disturbs routines. Third, change creates anxiety of what they cannot predict. Fourth, change means personal lost. Fifth, change eliminates personal pride.
  • Checklist of change
    Does the change benefit the followers? Does the change suit the organization’s goal? Is the change clear and specific? Does the 20 percent of prominent figures accept the change and are committed? Are the physical, financial and human resources available for the change? Is the time right? Does the change take place smoothly? Is the change ethically done?

    (Source : J.C Maxwell, Developing the Leader within You)

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