The major barriers to Leadership development is ‘driving change within an organization’

  • Leadership is thought to be the agent of change within the organization.
  • Leadership is also blamed as the reason for company failure to meet its objectives

What is the Challenge of Leadership in the 21st Century
There is a growing demand for leadership quality and work performance. Why do good performers leave and bad ones stay? What are the challenges of leadership in the global environment? How to anticipate the growing trend of challenging loyalty to an organization?

Leadership provides a total culture experience and the workforce should provide loyalty, energy and dedicated service. Leadership style is thought to be one significant factor in driving change is organization.

What is the guideline for driving change in organization? How to  articulate the ideology clearly and persistently?
How to identify relevant elements of the ideology to preserve? How to adapt ideology to current conditions? How to apply knowledge management to diversity culture? How to keep actions and decisions consistent with the ideology? How to develop cultural maintenance leadership at all levels?

Some leaders are not effective. Leaders must themselves exhibit the work habits, attitudes and priorities they expect their subordinates if their leadership is to be the most effective?

How to empower public relations into leadership performance and in fact organizational performance?
How is the evolution of public relations concept into corporate strategy? How is the changing role of public relations from promotion and publicity into strategic management function? How is the role of public relations in sharing values within the changing environment. How to increase your personal leadership quality to exhibit confidence in an increasingly uncertain situation?

These issues will be discussed intensively on a one day workshop on Leadership and Public Relations Empowerment, on Saturday July 21st, 2001 at Boulevard Park Plaza Hotel, Slipi, Jakarta

The workshop covers 4 topics :

  1. The Challenges of Leadership in 21st century
  2. The Empowerment of Public Relations into Organizational Performance
  3. Strategic Public Relations Planning
  4. Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation
  5. Simulation and Presentation : How to propose a PR Campaign.
    Details of the programme can be seen in the leaflet provided.

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