Public Speaking

How to deal with difficult audience

Dealing with different people is an art, dealing with a difficult audience is a real challenge.
Before you make a presentation, you need to know some strategy on how to face your audience. Try to understand the type and apply these tips:

  • Positive type
    This type is a great help in your discussion, use them frequently
  • Talkative type
    Intervene tactfully and limit their speaking time
  • Persistent type
    Avoid the trap, never get involved in an argument. Respond tactfully
  • Arrogant type
    Let the audience deal with their theories and viewpoints
    Review them and answer the questions gently
  • Uncooperative type
    Recognize their knowledge and experience, use them wherever possible
  • Intellectually superior type
    Listen and consider, but do not criticize. Use Yes But technique

You can be an effective speaker if you care for your : Appearance, Posture, Gestures, Eye Contact and Facial Expressions because experts say that we gather information by Sight (87%), Hearing (7%), Smell (3,5%), Touch (1,5%), Taste (1%)

(Source : The Art of Effective Communication, Charles J. Margerison)

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