Compute Your Life Change Risk

Which of these changes in your life – add up the point values of each event

Death of spouse (100), Marital separation (65), death of a close family (63), Personal inquiry or illness (53), Marriage (50), Lost of job (47), Retirement (45), Change in financial status (38), Change to a different kind of work (36), Change in work responsibilities (30), Outstanding personal achievement (28), Trouble with business superiors (23), Change in work hours or conditions (20), Change in social activities (18), Vacation (13)

If your Life Change Units (LCU) total 150-199 you stand a mild chance of incurring some form of illness in the next year. If the total 200-299 LCUs, you have a moderate risk. Over 300 points put you in the group very likely to suffer serious physical or emotional illness.

Source: News Perspectives in stress Management

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