Do you want to get a raise?

  • Just answer honestly the following questions?
    1. Do you deserve a raise?
    2. Can the organization afford to give you a raise?
    3. Are you willing to ask for a raise?
    4. Are you prepared to go somewhere if you don’t get one?
  • Who controls your raise?  YOU.
    1. Know what you are worth : Skills, experience, years of service, level organization type and size, competition
    2. Assess your job performance : what’s your contribution to the success of the organization? What problems do you solve? What initiative do you take? How do you make your supervisor’s life easier?
    3. Evaluate your employer’s economic health : Do you think they can afford it?
    4. Determine how much to ask for : How much you are worth and What you are paid now. Be realistic. Consider your whole ‘package’
    5. Build your case : Keep an Accomplishment file. Develop a portfolio. Prepare for your annual evaluation. Write a memo outlining your case
    6. Have a plan for ‘No’. Don’t deliver any ultimatums you aren’t prepared to back up. Never ‘drop’ before you ‘add’
    7. Timing is everything

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