Tips for Job Hunting

  • Seek more chances for interviews
  • Adjust your approach to each company’s culture
  • Be consistent with all your personal qualifications
  • Apply ‘interpersonal communication’ skills
  • Try to access the hidden job opportunities
  • Be on time, positive thinking and assertive

Preparation for Job Hunting

  1. Evaluate your strong and weak points
    – Work condition : entrepreneur or employee, stress or no stress, being independent or dependent, prestige, money or career, value perceived?
    – List of priority : high income, career, social status
    – List of jobs : engineering, marketing, designing, auditing or anything is ok?
  2. Analyze job market opportunity
    – Seek alternatives, search information, browse the internet.
    – Get as many companies you can get – find the background, culture, access
    – Send an application and ask for an interview – find contact, encourage yourself, be positive!

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